The Fleggaard Group today

A versatile group with many opportunities

Through the years, the Fleggaard Group has had a strategic focus on spreading group activities across various industries that serve different segments and markets.Today, Fleggaard is one of Denmark's largest family-owned groups with an annual turnover of approx. 935m Euros and about 1.700 employees distributed among 11 companies. The activities and business areas of the group cover a wide field, but are concentrated in three core areas retail, wholesale and car leasing.

Individually, each company holds a rich portfolio of opportunities, products and services. Combined, they form a whole, where synergy and innovation provides the group’s employees, customers and collaborators many benefits.

The ability and commitment to constantly develop the group's business areas is a key element in the group's strategy and vision of being "Best at Business". This applies to both the development of existing companies - through organic growth or targeted acquisitions - as well as development of new projects or companies that can be developed to the next level with our competencies. This is where the magic formula is obtained - where one and one makes three.

The Group Management: Carsten Christiansen (CFO), Jens Klavsen (CEO) and Karsten Olsen (COO)

The Fleggaard House - the Group's companies

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Flegggaard Leasing
Flegggaard Auto
Focus Flex leasing
Forza leasing


Telefon: 72 30 30 30
Fax: 72 30 30 01

Fleggaard Holding A/S

Skovbakken 10, Kollund
6340 Kruså
Zentrales Unternehmensregister
CVR nr.: 77 84 73 16

About Fleggaard Holding

The Fleggaard Group consists of a number of different subsidiaries with a wide range of activities within retail, wholesale and leasing.

The Fleggaard Group has 1.700 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 935m Euros.

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