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The Fleggaard Group employs around 1,700 people across several industries and business areas and within different work areas and job types. The many different positions are held by the group’s dedicated staff, which forms a varied assembly of as many individual profiles and personalities as there are employees.

Meet some of our employees who have made their very own careers within the group.

No career paths are identical, and while some go across departments, companies and borders, others have taken place within the same company. Common to all of them, however, is that they each represent the classic Fleggaard Group career - a career path packed with possibilities.

Rebecca Susanna Jørgensen, Dangaard Group

Head of Operations

Rebecca has been employed in several places in the group; as a cashier at Calle during high school and as a receptionist at Fakkelgaarden during her MSc studies, before she joined Fleggaard Leasing. Here she was business controller for three years before becoming business developer at Fleggaard Holding. During her four-year tenure, Rebecca was also given responsibility for Fakkelgaarden. In 2022, Rebecca was given additional management responsibilities when she moved to Dangaard Group to take up the position of Head of Operations.

Family values, respect for work-life balance and the possibility of a steep career curve make the Fleggaard Group a unique place to work for me. You feel valued and recognised, and the Group's talented managers focus on developing your potential to create a tailored career path.

Jennifer Listh Eggert, Fleggaard Holding

Business Developer

Jennifer joined Dangaard in spring 2020 as a coordinator in the Germany department after a long stay abroad in central Germany. After a very good year and a half at Dangaard, she was given the opportunity by management to apply internally and was hired as a business developer in the Fleggaard Group's parent company Fleggaard Holding in 2022.   

I appreciate skilled managers who listen to one's wishes and come up with development opportunities. It gives me enormous pleasure to work in a company that has so many family values. Despite the size of the group, we work closely together across the companies. It feels like one big family.   

Jan Eggen, Fleggaard IT

Server Infrastructure Manager

Jan is a computer engineer specialized in programming languages. Since 2008, he has been an integral part of the Group’s IT department and of the development of the group’s IT infrastructure. The group's server environments are Jan’s primary work area, which he designs and maintains (virtualization, SAN, backup, databases, active directory, e-mail, web server, resource management etc.). Jan particularly emphasizes the familiar and down-to-earth atmosphere, both in his department and at the corporate level. At the same time, he is enthusiastic about the group's dynamic working environment.

There is always a lot going on, and even though the group is well on years, it still has the same driving force and energy known from start-ups. 

Ulrik Hansen-Christensen, Famobra

Chier Procuremenet Officer (CPO)

Ulrik was employed in the Fleggaard Group's department for business development in 2012 as a newly graduated MSc (Econ.). Ulrik was i.a. project manager on large projects in both Fleggaard Leasing and Calgros. At the beginning of 2015 Ulrik was offered a position In Calgros, where he helped start up the company's export department and handled an international customer portfolio. Since 2017, Ulrik has been with the international export company Famobra, where he started as Commercial Manager and has since become CPO. 

I am very proud to be employed in an internationally oriented group rooted in southern Jutland with values such as business acumen and honesty - combined with a relaxed work environment.

Wenche Fynsk, ASWO

Internal sales consultant & translator

Wenche is our Danish-speaking Norwegian with Asian roots and has been employed in ASWO since 2014. Wenche is a wholehearted customer advisor and has a passion for relation marketing and e-business. Therefore, Wenche has strengthened her competencies within relevant subject areas with post-qualifying education as a sales assistant with a specialty in sales.

The group supports my professional interests, I find that very motivational, and it clearly illustrates that we mean it when we state that we want to be “best at employees”.

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The Fleggaard Group consists of a number of different subsidiaries with a wide range of activities within retail, wholesale and leasing.

The Fleggaard Group has 1.700 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 935m Euros.

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