Being part of the Fleggaard Group


The Fleggaard culture

In the Fleggaard Group, we are first and foremost merchants, and good business acumen is the foundation of everything we do. We aim to generate value for all parties and prefer thinking on the long-term and on relationship building rather than chasing success in the short term.

You will not find rigid vertical hierarchies in the Fleggaard Group; instead we meet at eye level in a versatile work environment that accommodates different opinions. There is ample space for personal development across the group.

In the Fleggaard Group, you will become a part of a large community where cooperation and unity are important attributes firmly anchored in our core values.

Best in Class

We have built the group on five core values, which are our ground rules and define how we do business and how we act in relation to each other and our external environment.

The values are:

Winning attitude
Business acumen

In Danish, the initials of our values form the word “growth”, which in our opinion can only be achieved if we live up to our values.

The values are also the very foundation of our pursuit to fulfil our vision of becoming “Best in Class”. The vision describes our constant endeavors to be the best at what we do in all aspects.

In summary, we want to become:

Best at employees
​Bedst at customers
​Best at business


A versatile work environment

The Fleggaard Group has a 1,700 staff across different industries and business areas. As a group, we operate in many different markets and languages on a daily basis. The corporate language is Danish, but we are familiar with English and German as well and communicate in almost 30 different languages on a daily basis.  

This versatility means that the group embraces many different types of jobs and employs people with all kinds of educational backgrounds ranging from unskilled to university graduates. In other words, you can expect a wide range of exciting career opportunities and a solid foundation for professional and personal development.

Our expectations of you

We think that we have a lot to offer as a group and therefore we have high expectations of our applicants. We expect that you have the right commitment and that you are willing to make an effort to achieve the group’s objectives. A prerequisite to becoming successful in the group is that you have a positive mindset and see challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles that slow you down.

Finally, yet importantly, you can identify with the group’s values, which are the foundation of everything we do.

If you can identify with the above, we look forward to receiving your application.

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Fleggaard Holding A/S

Skovbakken 10, Kollund
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About Fleggaard Holding

The Fleggaard Group consists of a number of different subsidiaries with a wide range of activities within retail, wholesale and leasing.

The Fleggaard Group has 1.700 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 935m Euros.

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